Tragic Loss: MATLAB MUNAWAR, Devoted Admirer of Munawar Bhai, Mourns the Wise Old Man’s Demise

Reflecting on the Passage of Time and the Loss of a Beloved Elder

As she embarked on her quest, a woman paused to sit in the familiar embrace of an old man’s revolving desk chair. Overwhelmed by a flood of emotions, she found herself weeping for the passage of time and the necessary departure of a wise and beloved figure.

This poignant moment was captured in a tweet by (@munawar_fan_786) on November 21, 2023, paying tribute to the sentimental value of cherished memories.

A Symbol of Wisdom and Comfort

The revolving desk chair, a silent witness to countless conversations and moments of guidance, served as a symbol of wisdom and comfort. Its presence offered solace and a brief respite from the woman’s ongoing search.

Contemplating the Inevitability of Change

In her tears, the woman recognized the inevitability of change. Time, relentless and impartial, had carried her to this moment of reflection. The passing of time had brought about the necessary transition from one era to the next.

A Well-Loved, Wise Old Man

The object of the woman’s sorrow was a well-loved, wise old man. His presence had been a source of inspiration and guidance throughout her life. His departure, whether through physical absence or the end of an era, marked a significant loss.


In the tweet, the hashtag #BB17MATLABMUNAWAR accompanied the reflection. This phrase, perhaps a reference to a significant event or shared experience, encapsulated the depth of the woman’s emotions.

Munawar Bhai Ka Deewana

The tweet also contained the phrase “Munawar bhai ka deewana,” expressing the individual’s passionate admiration for someone named Munawar Bhai. This could be an indication of the person’s connection to the wise old man or a separate sentiment altogether.

This heartfelt tweet resonated with many, serving as a reminder of the inevitable passing of time and the profound impact that well-loved individuals have on our lives.

Source : [email protected] @munawar_fan_786

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