Renowned Ophthalmology Expert Dr. SS Badrinath Passes Away, Leaving an Indelible Mark on Eye Care

Remembering the Legacy of Dr. SS Badrinath Ji

On November 21, 2023, Shailendra Nair (@shailendra_nair) took to Twitter to express his deep sadness over the passing of Dr. SS Badrinath Ji. He described Dr. Badrinath as a visionary and an expert in ophthalmology who founded Sankara Nethralaya, a renowned eye care institution. Through his tireless service to society, Dr. Badrinath had made an indelible mark in the field of eye care.

A Visionary in Ophthalmology

Dr. SS Badrinath Ji was not just a skilled ophthalmologist; he was a visionary who understood the importance of accessible eye care. His mission to provide quality eye care to all sections of society led to the establishment of Sankara Nethralaya, an institution that has transformed countless lives through its innovative treatments and services.

Founding Sankara Nethralaya

Sankara Nethralaya, founded by Dr. Badrinath, has emerged as a leading eye care center in India. The institution’s commitment to excellence and its focus on research and education have set new standards in the field of ophthalmology. Dr. Badrinath’s vision of combining compassionate care with cutting-edge technology has made Sankara Nethralaya a beacon of hope for those suffering from eye ailments.

Contributions to Eye Care

Dr. Badrinath’s contributions to the field of eye care are immeasurable. His expertise in ophthalmology, combined with his relentless pursuit of innovation, has led to the development of groundbreaking treatments and surgical techniques. He has not only saved countless eyesight but also improved the quality of life for numerous individuals.

Relentless Service to Society

Dr. SS Badrinath Ji’s dedication to serving society has been unwavering. He believed in the power of giving back and ensuring that eye care reaches even the most marginalized communities. Through various initiatives, he made eye care accessible to those who couldn’t afford it, leaving an everlasting impact on society.

A Lasting Legacy

Although Dr. Badrinath is no longer with us, his legacy lives on. His vision, expertise, and compassion continue to inspire the next generation of eye care professionals. The impact he has made in the field of ophthalmology and his unwavering commitment to society will be remembered for years to come.

Source: Twitter

Source : @shailendra_nair

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